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Why is Homeland Realty Group’s porch ceiling painted Haint blue?

Why is Homeland Realty Group’s porch ceiling painted Haint blue?

Other than the fact that we think haint blue is soo pretty, there are other reasons why we chose to paint our porch ceiling this color.  Haint blue is a collection of pale shades of blue-green that are traditionally used to paint porch ceilings in the southern United States. The tradition originated with the Gullah people in Georgia and South Carolina.  The Gullah ( or Geechee people), who were descendants of central and west African slaves, painted their doors, windows frames, shutters, and their porch ceilings blue as a means of protection. They believed that the color would act as a sort of repellant for “haints,” or spirits of the dead, who may try to enter their homes.  Also, summer days seem to last longer when afternoons are spent on the porch, and a pale blue ceiling overhead helps extend the daylight into dusk. Blue ceilings are also said to deter birds from nesting there and helps keep bees, wasps and other insects away.   Whatever the reason, we LOVE our haint blue porch ceiling and spend every available moment “porch sitting” to enjoy the view. From all of us at Homeland Realty Group, we hope you are enjoying your springtime with family and are “porch sitting” at every opportunity.

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